Video, not words, attracts young people
UK - Station House Media Unit

The one thing young people taking part in all SHMU's Incluso pilots have in common is a preference for watching video over reading. And since there's so much to explain and talk about in the course of a pilot, SHMU's Incluso team has decided to record a range of 2 minute videos giving them food for thought. The videos will include the following: 

Phase 2 @ shmu
UK - Station House Media Unit

All three SHMU pilots have now entered Phase 2, just three or four months since they were first launched. It's hoped this new effort and direction will produce better results and contribute more fruitfully towards the Incluso project's objectives. SHMU's Incluso coordinator Sam Thom said he's unclear whether this is a coincidence, or whether there's a natural hiatus at this point in the research pilots. Here is an overview of recent activity:

Incluso: What's it all about

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Jan Dekelver, Incluso project manager, gives the background and context to the Incluso project and its aims.

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