Video, not words, attracts young people

The one thing young people taking part in all SHMU's Incluso pilots have in common is a preference for watching video over reading. And since there's so much to explain and talk about in the course of a pilot, SHMU's Incluso team has decided to record a range of 2 minute videos giving them food for thought.

The videos will include the following: 

  • 'How To' features explaining the operation and functionality in the Ning software we use
  • Introductions from staff
  • Tour of the pilot building
  • Guides to safe surfing, anti-bullying and good conduct online

We've learned over the course of SHMU's three pilots that the video approach increases the chances of success and so we're creating this video content ready for the first members who join the next pilot - at Tilly Youth Project.

We're hoping this will give us a better chance to engage the young people who are the focus of the Incluso project.