Some Facts and Figures from Vienna

Already in 2008 and 2009 youth centres in Vienna started to use „Netlog“, a the social networking platform to stay in contact with their youngsters, by mid 2009 20 out of 28 centres had their own Netlog accounts, including those 3 centres which are involved in “Incluso”. Since 2010 contact data is collected regularly.

Soon in 2009 the decision was made that the new e-youthwork should also be included in the statistical reporting of “Verein Wiener Jugendzentren”. Since 1.1.2010 all centres collect quantitative data about their social networking. As the general system of statistic is collecting “contacts” the same logic is used also in e-youthwork. All centres collect: The number of chats they have per month and the number of comments and re-comments they have per months. By that we mean all types of direct communication with individual youngsters through the social network. Announcement, Shouts, Click-rates are not generally collected. Some centres do that nevertheless.
After the first two months we see that:
  • 20 centres regularly use a social network
  • One centre is present on Facebook, all 20 are present on Netlog
  • Those who looked at the click rates had between 50 and 200 visits within 30 days
  • The number of “friends” who can be reached by Shouts etc is between 70 and 230 individual youngsters. 80% of the friends are youngsters who also visit the centres and are known personally
  • The statistically over all collected “contacts” range from 8 to 43 per months. Once ore it is proved that those who are more active (by posting new pictures and promoting events regularly) also have more direct contact
  • Some centres offered “Online Opening Hours”, certain hours in the week where staff members where online for sure and ready for chatting. So far this offering was not successful, The chats usually happen by chance or were prior to that appointed by messages and the “Opening Hours” where not used