Cyberhus is a Danish 100% non-profit organization located in Aarhus. Cyberhus was founded in 2004 as a partner charity under the youth charity, Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare') and is today staffed by more than 70 people - mainly volunteers. Cyberhus is a virtual house or club that offers online counseling for vulnerable children and teens. Counseling is undertaken mainly by volunteer chat-counselors, all with relevant educational backgrounds, such as teachers, pedagogues, social workers and psychology students. In December 2008 Cyberhus was ranked among the 5 best European websites for marginalized young people (E-inclusion). From September onwards Cyberhus has been chosen as the Danish helpline in the European network INSAFE.

Cyberhus is organized within the 100-year-old national association Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare'), which run youth shelters, children's homes, institutions for at-risk children, therapy groups, youth hostels and continuation schools throughout Denmark:


  • Online counseling available at Cyberhus:
    Online Chat-counseling: is the opportunity for children and teens to engage in one-to-one anonymous and confidential chat-counseling. Counseling in the chat is undertaken by volunteer chat-counselors, all with relevant educational backgrounds within the socio-pedagogical field, as well as by an employed team of coordinators likewise with relevant educational backgrounds as well as years of experience within in the field.
    All chat-counselors receives training, education and evaluation on a regular basis.
  • Online Q&A: is the opportunity for children and teens to receive counseling within a specific area such as: Nutrition, dieting, emotional life, sports, health, education and law related issues. All Q&A-counselors are trained within their specific area of counseling in order to ensure a qualitative, relevant and committed feedback. The Q&As are an important supplement to the online Chat-counseling and the children and teens are recommended to use the Q&As outside Chat-counseling hours.
  • Peer-to-Peer Debate Forums: is a way for children and teens communicate with and receive counseling from their peers in a secure and moderated manner. In this forum children and teens can express their experienced problems and comment on each others posts. Each forum has associated one or more moderators whose task it is to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all participants. The moderators have access to professional feedback.
  • Tell Your Story, is meant for the young users to put their thoughts into words and share these with their peers. The stories can be lyric or prose, imaginary or real. Other children and teens have the possibility of commenting on the uploaded stories. As is the case of the Peer-to-Peer Forums, moderators are present in order to ensure a safe and friendly environment.
  • Findhjæ (GetHelp): is a site constructed in google's geomaping-technology and driven by Cyberhus. This site enables all public and private institutions to freely inform children and teens about their offers and where to receive personal counseling in their local area. 140 institutions are currently associated.
More information is available at: