New Study on Challenges and Chances of Social Communities in Austria published

Vienna based research institute "" recently published a study about use of social networks among young people from 11-19 in Austria. Some key outputs also interesting for the Austrian pilot are:

Most important Communities in Austria are “Facebook”, followed by “Netlog” and “MySpace”. There are no specific preferences for a network by gender but by age group. Netlog is on first place within 11-14 years old, whereas Facebook is leading among 15-19years.

Networks are mainly used from the PC, more than a quarter of youngsters also use mobile phones. Here are males leading, almost a third - mainly older youngsters - use this way. I-pod reaches about 5% among young people form 11-19.

More than two thirds of youngsters use social networks at least daily. Within 15-19 years old it is already 75%. There is no significant difference between males and females

In terms of how network are used it is strongly focused on profiles of friends. Almost 75% of questioned youngsters said they often look at these profiles and check new pictures. Communication is on second place. To chat and - especially the younger and female users (two thirds) – comment is done by half of the users. After that follows search for music on 5th place of the ranking.

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