The web address of the site we set up for the members of the Middlefield Youth Flat (MYF) is, but it seems that was too long and may have put some young people off from engaging with the site.

This was one of the few pieces of constructive feedback we got from the young people at MYF, and it only goes to show how much they want to avoid writing or typing, but also that their ICT skills could be improved (to use a shortcut on the browser navigation bar, for example).

The software we used was Ning (, a free to use social networking application, but it doesn't allow three letter site names. So, we couldn't have, which would have been perfect.

So, the lesson for those of you planning on using social software to engage with young people...Keep It Simple. And when you think you've made it simple. Try again. Make it more simple!

NOTE: You can enter the MYF URL into your browser, but you'll only reach the login page because the site is closed.