Protest group: "Keep the MYF Ning site"

The last thing SHMU's Incluso team expected when it closed down the Middlefield Youth Flat (MYF) Ning site was someone creating a 'Keep the MYF' protest group!

Irene Jimenez, Incluso assistant at SHMU, delivered the news of the closure to young people in the flat at her final visit on Tuesday 2nd February, 2010. She didn't know what to expect. Would they be pleased, disappointed, upset, angry?

There was surprise from everyone - even people who had not participated with activities (on the Ning site we set up for Incluso research purposes) - which made us think more broadly about the impact of the Incluso research at the flat.

The young people at the youth flat are very marginalised. We found the default attitude among most of them to be negative and doubtful. Youth workers familiar with these young people explained this negativity is partly learned behaviour, also a defense mechanism against being let down and also an effect of peer pressure.

With these factors in mind, Irene concludes that the younger females (12-14 years old) were disappointed that they were losing a leisure activity that helped them communicate, the older boys (13-16 years old) were slightly aggressive about the site itself being withdrawn, so either unable or unwilling to admit they liked the site, and the older ones... well, they never particpated beyond the first day, so it's unlikely they care at all.

Check out Irene's video interview on the media page of this site.