Use a social network as a presentation platform for young people’s activities

  • Goals

Use a social network as a storage and presentation platform for content created by marginalised young people.

  • Activity

At SHMU in Scotland, the Incluso team used the convenient and simple-to-use storage and retrieval features of the Ning social network to focus the activities of groups of young people. In other words, youth workers would direct young people to collate evidence (such as photographs, video, audio files, letters, documents and so on) of relevant activities on the Ning site, so that it could be used as support for qualifications and awards, for example Youth Achievement Awards. The storage of this kind of content made it possible for site members, staff, funders and so on, to look at, watch, listen to and read young people’s output.

  • Tools and resources

The social network platform, Ning, was used for this. The advantage of the social network platform is that is contains lots of useful functionality in the one place, inclusing the ability to upload and store digital content, such as video, images and audio. 

  • Results and evaluation

A clear result here is in organisational process: the opportunity to gather together in one place the content created by young people so that it can be presented to organisations offering achievement awards. Staff and young people benefit because of the focus it creates in the process of pulling together the young people’s output. This has been proved to be an excellent way to use the social network application. The fact that young people have to login, and may customise their own profile, contributes to a sense of ownership.