Social software brings new hip-hop group to VJZ youth centre in Vienna

In March 2009 two youngsters at the age of 16 and 17 contacted the youth centre Mextreff via Netlog. Both youngsters are not living in the city district the youth centre is located in and did not have any contact with the organisation before. They found the youth centre by being Netlog friend of one of the youngsters from the pilot group.

The two youngsters are performing as rapper singing about their day-to-day life as migrants in Vienna. They contacted Mextreff asking if the youth workers could support them with gigs. The next possible event was the Mexikoplatzfest (a huge event in the city district supported by the Vienna city authorities) in June 2009. In the following weeks the Netlog platform was used to organise this performance like equipment necessary, financial compensation, songs to sing and so on.

The two performers are using several social software platforms so the youth centre staff used these systems to listen to their music and the texts and get an impression on what to expect. Using the Netlog chat a face-to-face meeting was arranged to clarify the details. For this meeting they also brought along some friends so this offered an opportunity to show them the youth centre and having them get an impression of the various options it has to offer.

The successful performance at the Mexikoplatzfest has intensified the contact. Support for future projects will keep this contact alive.