2. Set up and run a project

Social media and youth at risk: are they a match? Do they bring more social inclusion? Does social media empower young people? Does it support organisations working with youth at risk in their activities? How can this be done?

These questions are obvious. The answers are not.

The European Union-funded INCLUSO project attempted to address these questions and provide answers. The project team consisted of four organisations in Austria, Belgium, Poland and Scotland, all of which work with youth at risk. They formed the INCLUSO pilot partners, and carried out their social media research between February 2009 and June 2010. They were supported by academic researchers and commercial companies on issues such as social media theory, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation.

All the conclusions and recommendations from the INCLUSO pilot partners have been bundled into this chapter: Set up and run a project. It's been structured in a way which clearly guides the reader through the steps required to design, launch and run a successful social media project. Case studies and stories from each pilot have been included as illustrations.

INCLUSO Flash Card

This chapter represents the core information required by an organisation considering creating its own social media project. So for that reason we have also made it available in a format which can be easily and economically printed. We have called this the INCLUSO quick start guide. It contains exactly the same information as Chapter 2, but without the case studies.

A one-page guide, called the INCLUSO flashcard, has been created. It presents the key points to consider when setting up a social media initiative, and you can find it in the INCLUSO manual, in Appendix: Downloads.