Other European (FP7) Examples

In 2007, the European Commission, in its 7th Framework Projects,  launched a call for proposals on Accessible and inclusive ICT - Stronger RTD capacity through delivery of proof of concept for ICT solutions facilitating social inclusion of marginalized young people.

This call resulted in 2008 in 5 projects that all worked on different areas of social inclusion and marginalised young people. Besides INCLUSO, here are the other 4 projects. We invite you to visit the websites and learn from their experiences.

Project : UMSIC
Website : www.umsic.org

UMSIC is an intelligent and accessible way to support children’s social inclusion by music. 

The multidisciplinary and transnational S&T UMSIC project develops a system that opens interactive environments for children to communicate informally with their peers by using familiar modern technologies. With a special focus on child-centred usability, intelligent musical engineering and carefully developed pedagogical design that is allied to structured learning material, UMSIC allows children both stand-alone as well as networked operations with easy start up and impressive extensibility.

Children will benefit from the targeted learning material by learning independently the usage of musical software required to enter musical online communities in every-day life. Whilst intended for all children, UMSIC aims to particularly support, through music, those children who are at increased risk of being marginalized

Project : ComeIn
Website:  www.comein-project.eu

The specific objectives of the ComeIn project are to:

- Analyse and characterise various marginalised youth groups and examine online communities practice.
- Generate and adapt customised content to facilitate social inclusion, in different regions, and across a variety of interest groups.
- Import the concept of Online Communities from the Internet to the mobile network.
- Create a mobile networked infrastructure that would support the realisation of this concept, namely, imitate the properties of a real community.
- Assess the compatibility of the solution developed, as a whole, to the needs of marginalised young people and elaborate recommendations for future research activities.

Project : rePlay
Website : www.replayproject.eu


The aim of project REPLAY is to develop a gaming technology platform to provide young people who have become marginalised in society as a result of anti social behaviour with a learning environment to facilitate their reintegration into society. Although scalable to a range of marginalised groups such as immigrants, children with learning disabilities, retirees etc, REPLAY will focus on the rehabilitation of young people whose behaviour has become a problem for the communities in which they live.

While this project is running in a time-frame similar to INCLUSO this project has been added as it may provide valuable input during the runtime. 

Project : Hands
Website : hands-project.eu

HANDS is a project that aims to improve quality of life for teenagers with an autism diagnosis by providing a mobile ICT toolset supporting them in many daily situations. The HANDS toolset will help improving their social skills and self-management skills, thereby ensuring social integration and independence.