Case 3: Think about all levels of management

In the beginning of the Polish pilot we did not expect any resistance from management. After all, the General Board had decided to sign the agreement and join the project. However, we did not take into account the middle level management, namely the directors of the day-care centres.

It turned out that not all of them were happy about working with social media tools. Some of them were very positive about new opportunities and let their staff perform the new tasks. Some others agreed verbally for the implementation of the project, but in practice they did not give the staff enough time and space to work effectivelly. As a result, some groups of young people were given a lot of support from their tutors and some others were hardly supported at all. The negotiation process with the resisting directors was time-consuming and stressful both for the project team and the directors themselves.

Being informed about negative attitudes towards social media we would not have insisted that the unconvinced directors implement the project in their centres. They needed more time. It was worth working with the ones who were ready for changes, however.