Case 8: People come and go

At the start of the INCLUSO project, Tonuso identified 30 young people and a list of 9 key people that would work on the online activities and projects that were designed. When the online activities started up, we noticed that some of the young people left the group at a very early stage. This happened for many different reasons: the young people left Tonuso to go to another guidance centre or moved to a different city, or simply lost interest. The same happened with some of the staff members.

The INCLUSO team at Tonuso initiated some of the organised activities, like the introduction sessions. After that, the young people themselves inspired most of the online activities. By focussing on the online activities, Tonuso managed to get new young people and staff on board and, as a whole, the number of active participants grew. If the activities themselves are attractive and appealing to the young people, then they will join in.