Case 8: Getting involved with service for unemployed

Unemployment is a major factor that can put youth at risk.  Within Tonuso, in Brussels, a lot of effort is put into creating an increase in employability skills of the young people. When looking for a job, young people at Tonuso stick to elementary strategies: they walk into a garage or a bakery and ask if there is a job opportunity. This is hardly ever successful.

The service for unemployed people in Flanders, VDAB, focuses on employment of young people. Besides the regional offices, they also offer online and mobile phone services. A collaboration between VDAB and Tonuso lead to a training offer where Tonuso staff could learn the use of the online VDAB plaform that matches job-seekers with job-offers. The SMS service notifies automatically whenever a job opportunity is available.

This collaboration that was set up within the INCLUSO pilot, has lead to better-skilled Tonuso staff, a closer collaboration between one of the important stakeholders and, most of all, a practical methodology that increases the employability skills and that is now available for all young people at Tonuso.