Case 7: Do not forget about offline activities

Experiences from the Polish pilot prove that online life cannot replace offline activities. Our focus group results show that young people communicate online mostly with the people they meet face to face every day. They do not search for friendship with random strangers on the web.

During our pilot we could experience how much the offline contact is important for the young people. In the beginning there were 35 people from 6 different daytime socio-therapy centres in the group. We wanted them to discuss various issues and to do some brainstroming. However, they were not ready to chat with each other online. They really wanted to see each other face to face before they start working. So the first event we organised within INCLUSO was a two day long, offline meeting for all the participants. The Convent (as we named the event) was very important for the future cooperation process. It allowed for building trust and a real team spirit. After the Convent the online communication became much more active.