Case 11: Social media triggers DJ career

A youngster of the age of 17 almost never visited the youth centre Mextreff in Vienna and did not show much interest in any activities there. He was, however, a friend in the Netlog profile of the centre at that time. In autumn 2009 an invitation to join the Mextreff DJ team was distributed via Netlog platform. New members need to complete a trial month and to pass a DJ test. The DJs are at the turntables during the regular Friday evening discos and also during two rather big events in the city district.
The aforementioned youngster applied for this team position and passed the test. He is now part of the DJ team and likes it a lot. By working in the team and having to follow certain schedules for the performances he has learned some reliability and also has the opportunity to earn a small additional income.

An improvement in communication can be noticed, too. The youngster uses the Netlog platform to ask for gigs or photos from past performances. He also brings new people to the youth centre for some of his friends come to the centre whenever he is at the turntables. Recently an anniversary celebration was organised by VJZ at a rather famous dance and music club and the young DJ was one of the acts at this party. The club manager seemed quite impressed and engaged the youngster for future gigs. The youngster did not have a job up to now; this new engagement opens up new possibilities in a highly competitive area of work for him.