Case 10: Staff opinions differ about photo privacy

Staff have widely differing opinions about what is and what isn't appropriate when it comes to the kinds of photographs and videos they upload. Some believe that uploading photographs of themselves with their own children is good because it reminds the young people that they are human and have families, and can have the effect of creating and strengthening bonds. Others believe this inappropriate because the site should be about the young people and not the staff, some believe these kinds of photos could be misused and that such staff are leaving themselves and their families open to harm.

There is also disagreement over other content in staff photographs and videos. For example, should staff show themselves in the course of their hobbies. One youth worker included pictures of her with a rifle in the course of a wildlife shooting expedition in Scotland. Still other photos show staff on exotic holidays. Some say such photos stimulate debate and create connections, others say they create unrealistic expectations of what life can give and could lead to misunderstandings about staff.

Everyone has an opinion, and they should all be considered fairly. A decision has to be made on what is appropriate and where the gray areas are. And it's certain that issues will arise during the course of the project which require further discussion and refinement of guidelines.