Inspiring youngsters to take up causes

Two admirable initiatives in the realm of inspiring youngsters into taking an active role in their community caught our attention recently. 

These online community platforms, (US) and (US / Canadian) aim to inspire young people to start and take up causes in a variety of areas, be it to 'stop animal abuse' or to 'learn more about other cultures'

Both platforms allow young people to create new causes and join existing ones. Having a platform online where one can find others with similar ideas on what could be changed in our society works empowering. After all, when one feels alone in taking up a cause, one often feels powerless to change anything on their own. Finding like-minded and motivated peers online can move people to really act on their ambitions.

Very interesting is that both platforms also offer youngsters tools and advice on how to take action, which is important. While full of ambition, youngsters often lack the experience or knowledge on the practicalities of turning ideas into reality.

More information is available at: